Saluting The 10th Mountain Division Legacy This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, the Colorado Snowsports Museum pays a special tribute to all of the soldiers of the fabled 10th Mountain Division.  These courageous mountain troops, who trained in Colorado during World War II, became the cornerstone of the Colorado ski industry and their incredible story will continue to be the centerpiece of the Museum’s ongoing $2.4 million transformation project.


We invite you to show your support of the 10th Mountain Division’s heroic service to their country and their incredible influence on the outdoor sports industry by making a contribution to the Museum’s 10th Mountain Division exhibit.


The new 10th Mountain Exhibit, entitled Climb to Glory, will contain a total of 14 panels and will include the following topics.  When completed, the Museum will feature the most extensive collection of 10th Mountain artifacts in the world.


Minnie Dole—Visionary

How Dole’s vision of ensuring that the U.S. had troops trained and skilled in winter and mountain warfare gave birth to the 10th Mountain Division

Calling All Warriors

                Details the unique recruiting process for the 10th Mountain Division

Welcome to Camp Hale

                The construction of the home of the 10th Mountain and life at Camp Hale

Not Just Men and Machines

                The animals that helped shoulder the load

Training to be the Best

                The rigorous training that produced an elite fighting force that learned to ski

10th Trooper Mannequin

                Complete uniform and gear

Defending the Homeland

                The Alaska Campaign and shipping out to Europe

The Campaign in Italy

                The 10th Mountain Division enters the war

Letters from Home

                A soldier’s account from the front

Doing the Impossible

                Taking Riva Ridge and Mount Belvedere

The Final Battles

                Advancing on Lake Garda

Taking Mussolini’s Villa

                The end of the war

The Legacy of the 10th Mountain Division

                The incredible post-war contributions made by the men of the 10th


Thank you for your consideration and support, and we hope you will visit us in the fall to experience the all new Colorado Snowsports Museum.


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