Sustainability Commitment

by Bergen Tjossem

Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum Sustainability Commitment
The Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum (CSSM) is committed to sustainability of the Vail Valley and surrounding mountain environment. CSSM values the historical, ecological, economic, and cultural health of all mountain communities. CSSM strives to engage visitors, members and employees in environmental stewardship and sustainability. CSSM also encourages visitors, members, volunteers and staff to participate in local cultural and educational opportunities that enrich our community’s sense of well being. The Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum has established a Green Team to oversee sustainability efforts and maintains a Sustainability Action Plan to set goals and guide progress. Our Green Team is responsible for creating an annual sustainability report to document and share yearly sustainability accomplishments.
CSSM Sustainability Goals:
Engage in sustainable workplace practices.
Employee Engagement: Introduce and educate staff on sustainability efforts
Supply Chain Management: Look for eco-friendly alternatives
Minimize Negative Community and Ecosystem Impacts
Educate all Museum users on Sustainable Practices
Responsible Travel Pledge
The Colorado Ski Museum reduces air pollution and vehicle traffic by encouraging our guests, customers, and employees to use group shuttle services and public transportation whenever possible. Our employees are rewarded for using alternative and public transportation to get to work including: carpooling, walking, biking, and using local public transportation. Whenever possible, we choose fuel-efficient vehicles to support our operations.
Giving Back Programs
The Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum encourages visitors, members, volunteers and employees to donate to and volunteer for local causes to support the long-term economic and environmental vitality of the Colorado mountain communities, with special emphasis on our home here in the Vail Valley. For local volunteer and donation opportunities, please contact us at 970-476-1876.  We would appreciate hearing from you. Please comment on our sustainability practices and goals by emailing us at

Author Contact Info: Bergen Tjossem

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