Gerald Groswold - Sport Builder - 1987

Gerald “Jerry” Groswold has played a leadership role in the development of Winter Park, as well as Colorado skiing, over the past 26 years. Jerry served first as a member of the Winter Park Recreational Association Board of Trustees for 10 years, and Chairman for six years, being named as President of Winter Park in 1975.The son of another Hall of Famer, Thor C. Groswold, Jerry has served as Board Chairman (two years) and member (seventeen years) of Colorado Ski Country USA, on the National Ski Areas Association Board, the American Ski Federation Board, the Colorado Ski Museum Board, the United States Ski Association, the Denver Olympic Committee, and as a United States team leader at the 1980 Handicap Olympics in Gello, Norway.Under Jerry’s leadership, 15,000 handicapped individuals have enjoyed the experience of skiing in Winter Park's Handicap Ski Program.  (Deceased)