Horace Button - Sport Builder - 1981

Horace was born in 1901 on a ranch east of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.  He was introduced to skiing at age 10 by the famous Carl Howelsen, who organized the first ski competition in Colorado at Hot Sulphur Springs in 1911.Horace took to the new sport of ski jumping and cross-country racing, winning his first tournament at age 12.  He became one of the state's outstanding athletes, competing actively from 1913 through 1940.Horace won many jumping and cross-country events in Hot Sulphur Springs, and in 1932 he was named to the All-American Cross Country Team.Despite his outstanding athletic record, Horace was best known for his contribution as a developer of skiing.  He possessed the ability to prepare and maintain jumping hills and race courses, and had a keen mind which allowed him to watch skiers and immediately be able to offer pointers to improve their performance.  Horace was unselfish in his devotion to the development and training of young skiers at Hot Sulphur Springs.  He was at the jumping hills after school was out, encouraging and instructing the youngsters.Horace served as Chief of Jumping Hills, Chief of Race, and in other official capacities for over 30 years.  His contributions had a profound effect on the rapid growth of skiing in Colorado. (Deceased)