Peter Seibert - Sport Builder / Inspiration - 1980

Spinning dreams was Pete’s Seibert’s forte. His dream started as a little boy living in Sharon, Massachusetts when he skied to his neighbor’s dairy barn. Roaring down the hill, Pete carried empty milk bottles, dreaming he was skiing at a ski area he found and developed. Fast forward and Pete was still dreaming. He had trained with the famous 10th Mountain Division in WWII and suffered devastating wounds. After spending 17 months in army hospitals and being told he would never ski again, he dreamed of simply recovering from his wounds, which he did, moved west, became a ski patroller in Aspen and made the 1950 U.S. Alpine Ski Team. Afterward, Pete went to Europe to study at resort management schools in France and Switzerland. Still dreaming, Pete married Elizabeth “Betty” Pardee in 1955 and began his search for his own ski area while he managed Loveland Ski area.  In 1957, friend and fellow ski patroller, Earl Eaton, showed Pete an unnamed mountain west of Vail Pass, home to stray prospectors and sheep herds. When Pete reached the summit of the mountain for the first time, he realized the start of his dream was about to unfold. Pete’s dreams continued as he gathered partners and funds to build his ski resort.  In 1962, Pete’s dream came to fruition when Vail Mountain opened for business.  Pete served as the first president of Vail Associates and later as its board chairman. From 1973 to 1975 he also served as president of the National Ski Association.  Pete’s dreams continued when he negotiated to purchase land at the base of Beaver Creek from Willis Nottingham. Dreaming never stopped for Pete. In 2000, Blue Sky Basin was opened, with Earl’s Bowl and Pete’s Bowl completing the expansion of Vail Mountain. For Pete, his dreams did come true.  (Deceased)