Ed Taylor - Sport Builder - 1979

Ed Taylor’s interest in skisports began in college where, as co-captain of the Colorado School of Mines ski team, he helped organize the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association. His assistance in forming the National Ski Patrol and his particular organizational abilities with the Colorado patrol led to his nickname, “Mr. Ski Patrol.”  Ed’s fascination with snow was not purely avocation; as executive vice-president of American Snoblast Corporation, he not only pioneered in snow removal and avalanche-control techniques, but also was influential in the War Department's decision to train ski troops. During World War II he was assistant director of the Air Force's Arctic Search and Rescue program. At one time or another, he probably served as consultant to most of the world's snow regions.  Other services to skiing include membership and offices in the Arlberg Club, the Zipfelberger Ski Club, the Winter Park Recreational Association, the Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association, and the National Ski Patrol. Ed was recipient of both the NSPS and the Halstead Awards. Ed was the first Colorado skier to be inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame.  (Deceased)