Charles Smith - Pioneer - 2016

 A native of Texas, Smith moved to Denver for a summer job and never returned.  He discovered the skiing with a group of friends at Loveland in 1966 and immediately fell in love with the sport, although he noticed very few African Americas at the resorts in the early years.  Then, in 1972, he met Bryce Parks and Floyd Cole, who would go on to organize the Slippers-N-Sliders Ski Club, with a primary objective of promoting skiing in the minority community.Smith reached out to inner city kids who could not afford the clothing, equipment or ski passes and, through is fundraising activities and generous in-kind contributions from merchants, every child was properly clothed, equipped and funded.  From 1974 to 1999, he served as Program Director for the Ski for Kids program that introduced 1,500 kids to the sport of skiing.