D.R.C. Brown - Sport Builder - 1979

Born in San Francisco, Darcy Brown moved to Colorado with his family when he was a child. His father had come to Aspen in 1880 and bought several silver mines. Now the family had returned to Colorado to a ranch in Carbondale.  After a formal education in the East at Yale, he worked in the oil business as field worker, lease man, and scout. In World War II, Darcy became a PT boat skipper. After the war, Darcy returned to ranching in Carbondale.   Darcy began his ski career on that ranch in Carbondale and continued to ski until he was 90.  With a handful of other men, Darcy started the Aspen Ski Corporation, which they expanded into Snowmass, Buttermilk, Breckenridge, a slope in Spain, and two in Canada.  The Aspen ski area first had a rope tow and a “boat tow”, which was a wooden boat on which they installed a tractor engine so they could get to the top of the mountain.  Today high-speed quad lifts gently take skiers to the top of mountain.  When a skier begins a trip down the infamous Ruthie’s Run at Aspen, they are skiing on a run named for Darcy’s wife, Ruth.   Following a term as state senator, Darcy took over the hemp of the Aspen Skiing Corporation as President and began its development into the one of the world’s largest ski complexes under single management.  Darcy gained tremendous respect for his strong leadership within the ski industry and his outspokenness regarding the ski industry and its interests as an organized industry throughout the United States and Canada.     Darcy inspired those who worked with him “to be better than we would have been”, a former Vice President of Aspen Skiing quoted.  His other contributions to skiing include chairmanship of the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board, presidency of the National Ski Areas Association, and service to a variety of banks and utilities in the State of Colorado. (Deceased)