Bob Singley - 2015

 Bob Singley’s motto has long been, “You Can’t Get Hurt In The Air”.  It’s a mantra that has not only paid off in terms of the legions of friends he enjoys, but it was also the grassroots inspiration that allowed Singley to become a driving force in the evolution of freestyle skiing.As a child, he poured over library books, trying to understand the physics of flight.  At the young age of seven, he purchased his first pair of skis with money saved from shoveling sidewalks and taught himself to ski.  This, coupled with joining a school ski club that regularly took the train to Winter Park, provided him with all that he needed to discover how he could fly.Singley joined the Winter Park Ski Patrol, living at the base and piloting the earliest versions of the Bradley Packer grooming device.  He also founded the Tirebiter Ski Club, a local organization that hosted ski races and car rallies to benefit the local Grand County kids.  He organized the annual Tirebiters St. Patrick’s Day Race and the Epworth Cup Slalom on the glacier at Mount Epworth on Rollins Pass.  His “fun club” has raised thousands of dollars for young skiers.In 1969, Singley travelled to Europe to work on the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, while also doing stunt skiing for Robert Redford’s “Downhill Racer”.  He was paid to take the various falls that were filmed, including some that were not planned, while also pulling the toboggan with the cameraman filming some of the skiing action.Back in the States, Singley traveled between ski areas, promoting the “free” style of skiing, competing in the first ever Freestyle contest in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire in 1971.  Recognizing his abilities, he was asked to help define the judging and scoring criteria for Freestyle, while also organizing and helping produce the Colgate Women’s Freestyle Tour in Park City, Vail and Copper Mountain.An ardent supporter of the National Center for the Disabled, Bob participated in the Wells Fargo Bank Cup ProAm for at least the first twenty years as a team owner and number one racer, while also serving as head juror for the Pro Races and eventually, the disabled competitions.With more than 50 seasons under his skis, his lifelong enthusiastic and infectious joy for skiing, coupled with his unbelievable ability to push established boundaries, has inspired three generations of his followers to expand the sport of skiing from the disciplined form of the 40’s and 50’s into the unimaginable feats of Freestyle and Extreme Skiing that we know today.