Fred Bellmar - Sport Builder - 1979

Fred's interests in mountaineering and skiing began when he was a student at Denver's East High School, and led him to become one of the pioneer skiers of the Jones Pass area.  His early membership in the Zipfelberger Club began his interest in organized skiing.From 1941-1948, Fred served as President of the Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association, during which time he was also the Divisional Chairman of the National Ski Patrol.During the years 1948-1954, he served as President of the National Ski Association (now the US Ski Association) and was influential in the establishment of the National Ski Hall of Fame.  His contributions to the sport also include chairmanship of the Sport Committee of the AAU, membership in the US Olympic Committee, chairmanship of the Chamber of Commerce Winter Sports Committee, vice-chairmanship and honorary Trustee-for-Life of the Winter Park Recreational Association.In 1944 Fred received the Halstead Award for Outstanding Service from the Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association (now the US Ski Association/Rocky Mountain Division), and in 1950 he was given the Blegen Award, the highest award granted by the US Ski Association. (Deceased)