Bill Bergman - 2012

Max Dercum revealed “Dercum’s Dream,” his vision of creating and developing Keystone Resort, to Iowa attorney Bill Bergman, who had visited Colorado for many years to ski the state’s great mountains. Dercum had the vision, but Bergman possessed the savvy business skills to turn the idea of Keystone Resort into a reality, and is credited as the individual who transformed skiing into a corporate enterprise. By contacting Ralston-Purina, Bergman struck a deal with the corporate giant, which allowed the company equal ownership of the resort, with Bergman as the first president and Dercum as a consultant and head of ski school. Bergman was able to expand the resort and laid the groundwork for standard practices in leading resorts with two huge breakthroughs at Keystone: the revolutionary concept of environmentally-friendly trail design, and the installation of snowmaking capabilities, helping to lead the way towards development of the modern ski resort. Thanks to Bill Bergman, Keystone became a world-class ski resort, achieved status as an industry leader, and established industry practices that are still in use today.