Elli Iselin - 2007

A true pioneer in Colorado’s rich skiing tradition, Elli Iselin helped put Aspen on the map as a skiing Mecca. Elli, who grew up in Austria, became an accomplished mountaineer and skier at an early age, eventually competing on the Austrian Ski Team. She immigrated to the United States in 1939 and met her husband, Fred, in Sun Valley, Idaho. The two soon found their way to Aspen, where they became a vital part of the local ski community.  Elli was one of the first women to teach skiing for the Aspen Ski School, and then in 1954 she opened Elli’s of Aspen, a store that introduced Colorado to the ski fashions of Europe. Elli had a great eye for fashion, importing Bogner and Lanz and designing her own ski clothing. Aspen soon became the epicenter of ski fashion in North America, with Elli’s of Aspen leading the way. Elli’s sense of style and Bavarian influence inspired generations of skiers. Elli passed away in 1991, but through the Fred and Elli Iselin Foundation, her love of the sport and her desire to share it with others lives on. (Deceased)